Confident Body. Confident You

There needs to be a day that you look forward to!

We can change this!

Are you tired of buying bigger dresses?

Strength in Unity!

Climbing a hill is an easy task when you do alongside your friends!

Work hard, Feel good

You needn’t be ashamed to look yourself in the mirror!

Take the first step

You didn’t get out of shape in 1 day and so you won’t get in shape in 1 day! But you gotta take the first step.

Holistic training program

Even though being fit is NOT a rocket science, it takes science to understand how to be fit.

At Ello Fit, we’ve designed fitness programs to be 1) Social  and 2) Fun.

Ok, wait, what is Ello Fit?
Hmmmm… We took common words from “Hello” indicating ‘Social’ aspect + the color “Yellow” indicating ‘Fun’ aspect of fitness, leading to ‘Ello Fit’.

At Ello Fit, we’ll train your body to do simple yet powerful type of exercise routines and help you achieve your fitness/wellness goals.

We provide an Overall Holistic fitness program – We’ll guide you step by step to achieve your fitness goals. Our Expert team will help you with a total body exercise program, nutrition tips & techniques. We incorporate below programs.


Cardio Training (Aerobic Type)

What is it: Any exercise that raises your heart and breathing rates.
Body Science: This type of exercise increases heart rate, breathing rate, and oxygen intake. This, in turn, increases the circulation of oxygen to the muscles.
Purpose: Is to make our cardiovascular system (the heart and the lungs) stronger and more efficient.
How we do: Running, Dancing, Skipping…etc

Flexibility Training

What is it: “Flexibility” is just the ability to move muscles and joints through their complete range.
Body Science: Proper range of motion in the joints allows for the natural alignment of the body to be maintained throughout the day, which may prevent or decrease pain or injury.
Purpose: Is to improve Overall flexibility and reduce injury. Helps you move better in your daily life, free of pain!
How we do: Lunges, Leg swing, Yoga…etc

Bodyweight exercises

What is it: As the name suggests, this type of exercise uses your body weight to power you.
Body Science: From legs and shoulders to chest and abs, every part of the body can get stronger with body resistance alone.
Purpose: Is to help build and maintain lean muscle mass, Improve Heart Health…etc
How we do: Burpees, push ups, crunches…etc

At the core of Ello Fit, we’ve 2 things we wanted to provide you.

Social Exercises


Going through a fitness transformation is too hard to do it alone. You’re not alone in this journey with us.

We group members of our class into smaller groups according to their current fitness levels so that each individual would be doing exercises tailored for their pace and improve from there! Exercise is NOT “one size fits all” thing.

Outdoor Fitness


If this comes as a News to you, then so be it. Fitness can be fun! 

And that’s why we’ve designed our brand new “Ello Fit Camp” – this is an 8 week amazing journey to a happy & healthy you. Explore our classes and join us for discovering an amazing you!

Our Nation’s State of Health

Lakh people of diabetes in India

one In five women and one in three men are overweight

Source : TribuneIndia


die of heart attack

Source : Times of India

In world for highest child obesity

You don’t need more proof that our Nation’s health condition is deteriorating. Don’t be the one who is contributing to bad statistic!

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Every workout counts. You'll be better off being sore than being sorry!
Fitness studio
Every workout counts. You'll be better off being sore than being sorry!
Strive for progress, not perfection.
Fitness studio
Strive for progress, not perfection.
Your body can stand almost anything. It’s your mind that you have to convince.
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Your body can stand almost anything. It’s your mind that you have to convince.
Say No to pharmacies and say Yes to Life!
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Say No to pharmacies and say Yes to Life!